About us

Wedding awards Kenya is a registered business in Kenya that specializes in the recognition and rewarding of excellence in the wedding industry.


We provide the wedding service providers with a platform;

  • To be credible
  • That seeks to promote, network, and expose them
  • With invaluable insight from industry experts on tools for running a business effectively and efficiently
  • That gives them real-time feedback from the market
  • That promotes networking and engagements
  • Which sets up the standards

We provide couples with a platform;to select and use the best and most credible service providers from the market industry.

The interactions will also bring the service providers together with the market which lead to showcasing and supporting Kenya’s talents and cultural diversification.


With the forthcoming awarding show, the standing focus is on the creation of awareness of the rich and diverse talents and nurturing of the events industry.

The Kenya wedding awards will host an array of different categories showcasing the uniqueness, professionalism, service, delivery, and credibility of the service providers.

Participants will enjoy these events with the opportunity to network and showcase their award-winning talents.


  1. Nominations(by clientele and followers)
  2. Vetting and short listing(fair and unbiased criteria)
  3. Submissions(no charges to the service providers)
  4. Selections(by the public)
  5. Awarding Ceremony.